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Not just music lessons – Music Solutions.

Have you ever wondered how to

  • best study for your upcoming theory exam (ABRSM or otherwise),
  • get that sound or look with the recording equipment you already have,
  • sound like your favorite artist in any genre?

For me, the interesting part of music teaching begins with what they don’t teach you in music schools. For those looking to learn how to broaden their understanding of music or simply make better digital content, go ahead and reach out!

Who is this guy? How does he know this stuff?

You can read a little more about me here. I won international piano competitions and had a professor job before the age of 30. However, the bulk of my experiences came from the simple desire to do everything myself. And so I did, learning to make the best use of whatever Zoom audio recorder, budget camera, or $20 vintage film lens I had lying around. As I learned, you can get a long way with only a little.

These are the experiences I’d like to share. They are essential skills for a musician in the digital age. I learned by doing, and so can you.

If you’d like to see it, my CV is here. And yes, I’m also happy to teach you to play and improvise at the piano :).

30 min. Zoom lesson
60 min. Zoom lesson

Naturally, reaching out is free.