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“I am in love with your sound.

I find that it sounds even better than in the hall.”

pianist Emile Naoumoff

What can I make for you?

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Why Me?

  • pro-production video and audio without the pro-production cost
  • international-competition-winning pianist who understands the sound of instruments at their best
  • multiple cameras in stunning cinema 4K
  • pro audio equipment, sound engineering, and splicing
  • experience with American professional orchestras, music festivals, and hundreds of soloists of all instruments

Live Video

Live in concert 02/07/19 in Auer Hall, Indiana University Bloomington, USA.


Fox River Chamber Fest

Made July 2018 in support of the Fox River Chamber Fest (Appleton, WI, USA) and its mission.

audition video

Two standard hall recordings followed by a pop-style close-mic setup.
Recorded in Auer and Recital Halls, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA.

for Social media

a “musical painting”

recorded 31/7/2018 in the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead, Bloomington, Indiana. Inspired by a painting by Caravaggio, this video highlights the ways that existing light and creative vision can unite into a “musical painting.”

Solo Instrument

Promotional Video

recorded live 02/10/2019 in the WFHB 91.3 FM studio, Bloomington, IN, USA


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